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What's the one thing that can turn a Pleasure Cruise into a Disaster, WEATHER!

Like driving a car, it's not as simple as it looks. I bet when you first started learning to drive you got some lessons, right? If you wanted to develop extra skills, perhaps a Defensive Driving Course?

Weather is not that different, it's important to know the basics, just like learning to drive, but also important to develop your skill set for taking that next step!

Mi Weather is your Weather Learning Centre!

  • Unlock the secrets of weather patterns, cloud formations, fronts, troughs, and more.
  • Understand the Southern Oscillation, the MJO, Polar blasts, and system movements.
  • Stay ahead with the weekly weather rundown in the South Pacific from a cruiser's viewpoint.
  • Get insider tips, tricks, and knowledge to enhance your sailing experience.

Every Week you'll get a New Mi Weather "Smart" article to help build your own weather knowledge base to help you make safer coastal and offshore passages.

PLUS - Updates on Weather Events in the South Pacific in a Time Sensitive manner.

Events like the MJO, ENSO, Cyclone Predictions and More!

You'll also be first to recieve an invite to our regular Zoom and Facebook LIve presentations and events.

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For Sailors Of All Stripes

Gain all the Weather Knowledge you'll need to safely fulfil all your cruising dreams.

Connect with a community of like-minded adventurers who understand the joy of Sailing and cruising.

Avoid costly missteps by tapping into John's wisdom gained from personal experience and a passion for weather.

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